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For 39 years, Hugro® has been developing products for species-appropriate pet care. We use science and research within our means to ensure and continuously improve health and quality of life for our pets. Our product portfolio includes food and accessories for small animals, birds, terrarium animals as well as dogs and cats: from various types of bedding and accessories for small animal home furnishings to high-quality complete and supplementary feeds as well as nibbles.

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Managing Director Günter Leugers laid the foundation for Hugro® GmbH with natural hemp bedding. Also represented for many years, and not only on the German market, is the recycled litter “Back to Life” made from pure waste paper. Hugro’s “Rodiflax” is a dust-free flax/linen bedding. Cotton bedding is soft and smooth for all small animals, and coconut bedding is also very popular. Bird keepers use aviary litter made from 100 % recycled paper or natural bedding.
Many years ago managing director Günter Leugers discovered the advantages of “Nagerfloor” – made from pure hemp – as special basis for the bedding material – and established it on the German market. Due to a special production procedure the dangerous loop formation is avoided. Hugro® Nagerfloor can be used as base for the bedding material and the pet owner as well can extent the range of application e.g. inside the houses or tunnel.
Gently dried and packed by hand. Hugro® has always placed great emphasis on quality. Meanwhile the Nagertraum® product range include approx. 60 different herbs, blossoms and leaves, exquisite mixtures as well as proteins. Several sorts of complete feed offers the daily need of healthy ingredients. Many nibbling products as well as accessories from wood, straw and grass are also part of the Hugro® product range.
Totally 17 new sorts of feed stuff as well as moss fibers for nesting material are the Label “BirdCare Hugro®”. 9 sorts of complete feed, 8 sorts of herbs, blossoms and mixtures as well as moss fibers offer the responsible bird keeper the possibility to care for his birds species-appropriate and varied with important nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.
„Terra Hugro“ offers to all terrarium animals approx 30 different gently dried herbs, blossoms and leaves as well as mixtures and proteins (grass hoppers, meal worms and house crickets). The new Label “Terra Hugro” is packed in paper bags.
The high-quality hemp oil is a valuable food nutrition and ensures the daily requirement for B.A.R.F. It stimulates the immune system and the coat change with a glossy coat.


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