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Alliance with Nature

Because he was tired of carrying the heavy sand when cleaning the aviaries, Günter Leugers tried to use hemp bedding. Today his popular and award-winning natural products enjoy great popularity among rodent and bird keepers. Looking for a better alternative to sand on the floor in the aviaries Günter – an enthusiastic bird keeper and canary breeder - found the hemp bedding for his aviaries. Tests of the natural product as floor covering in the aviaries showed excellent results. The enormous absorption, the purity and the thermal insulation save time and the used bedding is compostable - this makes the handling of this natural bedding easy.

Starting business in a garage with a career to a successful businessman

Good news travel fast – first among the bird keeper. In the beginning hemp bedding was sold in bulk packs. Günter himself packed bags in smaller packs in his garage. The big success ensured him the sole distribution rights for Germany. Soon the first small HUGRO packs came on the market. A little bit later rodent owner found out that the HUGRO hemp bedding is excellent for small animals. A new market has been gained and the success continued. Up to today the company grow up with manufacturing and storage facilities of more than 1500 m² and an office in Saerbeck.

mice on pile of wood bedding

Award-winning products from the nature

The HUGRO product range grew steadily due to ideas and proposals from customers, breeders, partners as well as the specialized trade. Meanwhile different beddings, food and cage accessories built the HUGRO product portfolio. Günter is a nature-loving person and he attaches major importance to quality and sustainability. A concept that works! 1990 HUGRO has been honored for their hemp bedding with the “European Pet Product Award”. 2007 the HUGRO Active Bedding “Bedding for Aviaries” made of hemp pellets won the Innovation competition DeZooFa 2007.

Animal staff

The company motto „recommended by leading small animals“ is practiced by HUGRO. A company-owned research-team of guinea pigs, degu, gerbils and many other rodents are testing all products. Without the test of the research-team there will be no new product on the market!

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